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Al Yasmina - White Rose Flower Bouquet

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Pertaining to the sweet smelling white flower Jasmine, the "Al Yasmina" bouquet evokes the same nostalgia of purity and elegance.

Enthused by seasonal winter romance, this garland is embellished with patience white classic roses, medium-sized peach-toned roses, and a voluminous bunch of angel breath flowers that covers 35% of the bouquet. Above all, the long stems of special naturally dried dusty pampas grass make up the focal statement in this elegant hand-crafted bouquet, whereas those naturally-dried branches of cotton grass, exude warmth, sincerity, purity, and generosity of your love. Numerous bunches of eye-grabbing peach rose-buds are added with seasonal green plant leaves on one side of the bouquet.

This elegantly designed floral arrangement radiates the energies of eternal romance and affection. Our finest floral designers have put in great efforts to make Al Yasmina, a masterpiece that symbolizes the exact senses of eternal love, honesty, and purity among humans.

Such an enthralling experience of winter white rose bouquets, is hard to find in flower shop in Ajman, Dubai, and Sharjah. Cherish your love with this awesome hand-crafted bouquet, wrapped in double folded gold sheet that is so craftily pleated like the sharp cornered petals. All this winter white romantic drama is knotted with our signature black silk ribbon.

If you’ve found a love of your life, or you share eternal bonds of pure love with anyone in your life, then don’t wait to convey your love to them. Before life takes away all the chances, just take out a moment now and depict your true feelings with this finest floral bouquet with the best flower delivery in Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah.

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Product Use:

With such a high-class white fresh flower bouquet, You can adorn your beloved souls on Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversaries, wedding day, bridal showers, arrival of Newborn baby, Teacher’s Day, and Friendship day etc. Also, you can celebrate the professional achievements of your colleague, Bosses, and make it a centerpiece in a glass jar on any corporate events.

It is the best flower gift to thank someone special, say ‘Sorry’ gift, get-well-soon gift or graduation ceremonies.

Care Instructions

  • Traditional trimming of the Rose stems at an angle of 45 degrees, and removal of thorns along with leaves, is necessary before you place them into
  • Seasonal green leaves can also be added along with roses in the vase filled with freshwater.
  • However, to best protect the Angel breath flowers, add them in the mixture of glycerin and water as per the ratio of 1 part glycerin and 2 parts of water. Otherwise, they can easily get dried earlier than usual.
  • Take care of un-bloomed peach Rosebuds by keeping them hydrated for 6 to 7 days.

And dried pampas grass and cotton grass can be protected in the vase by spraying floral sealant or hairspray over their backside. So, they last longer. Keep them away from hydration.