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Bashair - A Heavily Embellished Peachy - Burgundy Flowers Bouquet

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"Bashair", pertaining to daring and unconventionality, perfectly describes this bouquet who dares to be delightly different from the rest.

A dreamy bouquet composed of assorted roses of orange theme, bushes of long-stemmed dried flowers, and green plant leaves will be a perfect present for your somebody special's big day. Aromatic and gentle roses accented by their peach shades symbolize the unconventional depth of generosity and sincerity of the gift-giver. Especially, those artfully scattered bunches of burgundy, cone-like structured small dried flowers add a Dramatic touch to your feelings of love and are absolutely delightful to lit up the day.

All this fantasy is allured with those elegantly placed seasonal green leaves, brown rusty plant leaves, and oats bushes in the periphery of the bouquet.  Bashair is the best option for a blush, fall wedding bouquet that declares your fully bloomed Love with its various, bloomed up and fragrant flowers. Only with such a warm-themed bouquet, you can open your whole-hearted sentiments without many words.

Product Use:

It can embellish your wedding tables, Dinner tables on valentine’s day, a centerpiece in home-based intimate Congratulation ceremonies on high achievements, Kitchen Tables on Anniversaries, etc. with no doubts, it will create a fantasy in your “sorry” or “miss you ” notes. 

Care Instructions

  • All the flowers cannot be placed in the vase filled with water.
  • Prevent the dried leaves from any humidity or misty spray.
  • You can use blow dryers to prevent humidity from dried leaves and coneflowers.
  • However, Garden Roses need trimming at the bottom, before they can be placed in
  • So, trim them 1 to 2 cm at an angle of 45 degrees to allow the growth of flowers.
  • Remember to spray the mist of freshwater daily until flowers wither away.
  • However, other peachy-orange small rosettes require thorns and leaves to be removed before residing in the water of the vase.

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